Wood lady.

Golden days testify, these flowers.

And such you bear, myriads. 

Of pearls and jewels, and assortments beautiful. 

Nonetheless there’s more than a precious heart.

There’s more than a gift.

I desire those havens, which lie beyond this door of glass and wood.

Bring me a cup of offering, simmers of gold.

Send my gift to the birds at Akasia.

I tend the gardens to keep you within my hold,

for the ladies price, but your fair heart took me to a different world. 

Lay on the ring.

I’d wear it the third night, for fear and fancy, and to flee from those creatures of jest. The wood and the river you showed me, remain as wishes, the latent. I’ll go through the door, where the prying firefly lies, to go through the streets of Akasia. It’s like an Odyssey, each time you come; how intense the sacrifice for love. 

Gold and vanity.

Beads covered of gold, and your diamond ring, purchased before the king and royalty, makes it seem my wishes were reality and the down of the winter was stolen away. ‘‘Take this bouquet, my only gift to you and return it with your touch of magic, in a place without lovers of money. I’ll go after you through the golden woods where love is song and the bird is great with parrots.’’

‘‘Oh wise, yours for a choice. Only pick the fruits I left on the eve for surety, for love is passion, lest it fades and oblivion kicks in.’’ 

Happy for freedom.

A greater treasure you offered. I liaise with the light and strum the good guitar. Vanity and void, those dark clouds over my head, were never bought. ‘‘Fly, oh queen, for you showed me the last of the days and the heart unwonted most kind. Your charm attended for glory on my biding heart so fierce within a leser world.’’

‘‘Oh biding prince, you gathered my magic with your garment of love and kept me visiting. Stand beside the portal, that I may leave behind for you a token for love and friendship’’.

‘‘Goodbye Lisa, goodbye fair one.’’

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